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Virtual World: It’s not a game, It’s your life stay safe ! ~ Rakshit Tandon
Rakshit Tandon born on the, 10th of February has created a revolution in the field of cyber security. He has gone one step up and besides touching just keyboards and wires all the time he has touched lives of lakhs of people…

Rakshit Tandon
Cyber Security Expert
Consultant- Internet and Mobile Association of India

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Educational Background
  • A meritorious student of St. Peter’s college Agra and has completed his Master’s in Computer Science from Delhi.
  • An Ethical Hacker, Certified by the EC Council.
  • A Microsoft Certified Professional by Microsoft.
  • Certified Computer Forensics Expert from Brain bench USA.
  • There is no bigger teacher than experience, he has spent two decades in this field. Dealt with more people that anyone can keep a count of…
Roles Designated
  • Director/Co-Founder- Hackdev Technology Pvt Ltd.
  • Director/CoFounder- HackerShala, CODESNAG & HACKINGBRAWL
  • Consultant – Internet and Mobile Association of India.
  • Advisor- CyberPeace Foundation
  • Chairman- National Outreach Program on Child Abuse with National Cyber Safety & Security Standards(NCSSS)
  • Member Advisory Board- National Cyber Safety & Security Standards (NCSSS)
  • TED X Speaker , GLAU / JIIT/Galgotia/PSIT
  • Speaker at Talks at Google
  • Advisory- Cyber Crime Cells
  • Training Consultant- UNODC United Nations office of Drugs and Crime
  • President- JAT (Joint Action Team) for combating Cyber Crime against Women and Children.
  • Consultant - AIWEFA (All India Women's Education Fund Association).
  • Resource Person- BPRD Bureau for Police Research and Development, Govt of India
  • Visiting Facutly - Police Academies
    • a. NEPA ( North Eastern Police Academy Shillong)
    • b. Rajasthan Police Academy
    • c. Indore Police Radio Training School
    • d. CDTI ( Central Detective Training Institute) Ghaziabad,Chandigarh,Jaipur
    • e. NIA (National Investigative Agency)
    • f. Moradabad BR Ambedkar Police Academy
    • g. Goa Police
    • i. Surat Police
    • j. Nagpur Police
    • k. CBI Academy
    • l. Madhya Pradesh Police Academy, Bhopal
  • Guest Lecturer at Chandigarh Judiciary Academy.
  • Board Member- YoDEE ( NGO for Women Empowerment)
  • Visiting Facutly at IIFM Faridabad, Under MeiTy NeGD Govt. of India
  • Visiting Faculty at IIPA ,New Delhi

  • Other than his permanent roles with the various organizations he has undertaken the herculean task of travelling the nation and has spoken to more than 45.50 lacs children schools/Colleges. As a Chief Resource Advisor and Speaker for IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India), presently executing the "SAFE SURFING CAMPAIGN" conducting seminars on ‘Cyber Threats to Children in Digital World' for students, teachers and parents. He is sensitizing them about the types of Cyber Crimes, Preventive Measures to be taken while surfing the Internet, Information Technology Act and the Remedial Measures that can be taken if one is victimised by the cyber criminals. He has a wonderful way of connecting to his audience, from 8 to 80, everyone can relate to his simple and touching manner of explaining the complications and implications of The Web.

    He also addresses to the problems of the students and adults who seek further guidance on the same issues through 'www.rakshittandon.com' his official site and the facebook community page titled 'Rakshit Tandon'. www.facebook.com/tandon.rakshit

Key Domain :
  • Cyber Crime Awareness
  • Child Online Protection
  • Online Crime Prevention for Women and Children
  • Online safety
  • Parenting with Netizens
  • With Law Enforcements Agencies
    • Cyber Crime Investigations
    • Dark Web Investigations
    • Combatting Cyber Terrorisism
    • Online Human Trafficking
    • Cyber & Mobile Intelligence in Investigations
    • Cyber & Mobile Forensics.
  • Gurugram Police Summer Internship Since 2013 till date
  • Main Coordinator, Trainer for Gurgaon Police Summer Internship , Duration 1 month, training on Cyber Security,
  • Cyber Crime , Cyber Laws. Students are selected from across the nation with UG, Graduates and Masters in Computer Engg Stream, Law Background.
  • Gurgaon Police Summer Internship 2013- 22 Students
  • Gurgaon Police Summer Internship 2014- 36 Students
  • Gurgaon Police Summer Internship 2015 - 55 Students
  • Gurgaon Police Summer Internship 2016 - 85 Students
  • Gurugram Police Summer Internship 2017 - 104 Students
  • Gurugram Police Summer Internship 2018- 100 Students
  • Western Army Command, Chandigarh ( Chandimandir)
  • Cyber Security Talks at following ARMY Base :
    • a. Delhi Cantt
    • b. Chandigarh
    • c. Jalandhar
    • d. Ludhiana
    • e. Meerut
    • f. Ambala
    • g. Ferozpur
    • h. Amritsar
    • i. Meerut
    • j. Agra
  • Indian Air Force (IAF)
    • a. Bamrauli – Allahabad IAF Station
    • b. Hindan Air Force Station, Ghaziabad
    • c. Agra Airforce Station
    • d. Thambaram , Chennai, Air Force Station
    • e. Sarsawa , Saharnpur , Aif Force Station
    • f. Tuglakabad Airforce Station
  • Internal Security Academy – CRPF Mount Abu
  • NSG- National Security Guard , Manesar
  • NIA- National Intelligence Agency
  • CBI Academy , Ghazaiabad ( International Police)
    • a. Bangladesh Police
    • b. Nepal Police
    • c. Palestine Officers
    • d. Cambodia Police Officers
  • JOINT CYPHER BUREAU - DRDO Defence Research and Development Ogranisation
  • Cyber Security - Faculty at NISG National Institute of Smart Governance
  • CPWD Academy Ghaziabad – Cyber Security Facutly
  • Sashastra Seema Bal - Faridabad
  • National Institute of Financial Management -An Institute of Ministry of Finance,
  • Government of India – Visiting Faculty
  • NEPA North Eastern Police Academy – Faculty for Cyber Crime Investigations
Few to mention SAFE SURFING CAMPAIGN with IAMAI ( Internet and Mobile Association of India)
  • Safe Surfing Campaign- Supported by IAMAI/NIXI
  • Surf Safe Campaign - Supported by OPERA ( Chennai,Banglore,Pune,Nasik,Ahemdabad)
  • Surf Safe Campaign - Supported By Opera ( College Students) Agra,INdore,Bhopal,Gwalior,Kanpur
  • Cyber Safe Campaign of Rohtak Range Police for Schools
  • Cyber Safe Campaign Supported by Gurgaon Police Phase I and Phase II
  • Safe Surfing Campaign Supported by FICCI FLO - LUDHIANA
  • Safe Surfing - Supported by OORJA NGO Raipur
  • Safe Surfing - Supported by Attanolearn.com
  • Cyber Safe Campaign- Supported by INTEL India
  • Surf Safe Phase II- Supported by Opera ( Chandigarh,Ludhiana,Patna and Calcutta) Schools
  • Opera SURF SAFE Phase III , Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Patna, Calcutta
  • Consultant - AIWEFA ( All India Womens Education Fund Association) Cyber Safety Workshop in DelhiUniversity College.
  • Cyber Safe Campaign 2014 Gurgaon Police
  • Cyber Safe Campaign Indore
  • Train the Trainer for TELNOR WEBWISE Program
  • All India Women's Education Fund Association- Campaign for Delhi University Colleges.
  • 55 Principals Conclave with more than 5000 Schools in 55 cities, 18 states with EDUCOMP
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